Become a secret agent and fight against deadly viruses



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JamesBomb is a game of skill that puts you smack dab in the middle of a mission in which you try to prevent a deadly virus from infecting all of humanity. Get in your space ship and get rid of all the bacteria before they contaminate the vaccines that will save the planet.

In this fun game, you'll have to get rid of the problem by using the bombs in your spaceship. So you'll have to follow a certain path as your tail grows more and more, just like in the classic snake game. To kill the virus, you have to make it run into your tail which is loaded with explosives. You can also collect elements on the screen to shoot or get an extra advantage that will help you destroy the enemy in an easier way.

On the other hand, when you go a certain distance and kill a certain number of enemies, you'll also have the opportunity to open a door that will release a ton of vaccines, helping you destroy all the viruses in a quick and thorough way. Once you've finished this massive attack, you can keep fighting to keep the planet from falling into sickness. Get as many points as you can and keep challenging yourself by leveling up your ship and attempting bigger challenges.
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